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India is rich in culture and history. Each state of India has its different culture and similarly, you can find different saree draping styles here as well. In this article, you will find out about the 5 best saree draping styles from the various states of India.

UP’s Seedha Pallu:

Popular in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, this is a practical saree draping styling. It lets the wearer move freely. The pallu functions in a way similar to the dupatta. The shoulder remains free from the burden of pallu, which helps in wearing heavy sarees as well. the pallu comes at the front and so, it displays the work on the saree perfectly without difficulty.

Andra Pradesh’s Nivi drape

The Nivi drape is the inspiration to many of the modern saree draping styles. Its elegance can be understood from the fact that it was reserved for the nobility of the society. It highlights the looks of the wearer with perfection. This drape is suitable for special occasions because of its elegance and the fact it is not easy to work with this draping style.

Karnataka’s Coorgi style

The unique Coorgi style is the main wedding saree draping style worn by brides at weddings. It is one of the oldest saree draping styles present as it is mentioned in the ancient literature as well. It is an easy to wear style as it was developed by the Coorgi women. They used to climb slopes and trees regularly and so, they required a practical yet strong draping style. The pleats remain at the back while the end goes below the left shoulder and comes over the right one. This knot is called ‘molakattu’.

West Bengal’s Athpourey shari

The most popular ways to wear a saree is the Bengali Athpourey shari. The pallu comes to the front on both sides after coming from the back. This way, the pallu had available space to hang keys on. Wearing keys on the pallu signified the prominence of the lady because it shows control over the entire household. You can still see this style in the modern culture, it is quite popular.

Maharashtra’s Nauvari saree

In Maharashtra, Nauveri saree is the most popular saree draping style. You will not have to put much effort into finding women wearing sarees in this style. The lower part is worn in the way a dhoti is worn while the upper part of the saree is just like any normal saree. This style provides much freedom for movement. It has cultural importance too as it is worn by the lavani folk dancers.


There are many other saree draping styles in India. Kerala has the Mohiniattam saree draping style while Assam has the elegant Mekhela chador. Each saree draping style has its cultural importance as well as benefits. You should choose one carefully. It would be better if you consult an expert in this field before making any decisions.

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