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If you ask anyone, anywhere in the world about the most famous & loved hindu god and the answer will surely be Lord Ganesha. For Indians, living in any part of the world, no activity begins without the chanting of a small prayer to the mightiest lord of them all. As children growing up, we all have heard stories about the great Lord ganesha whether it is related to His trunk, His devotion towards his parents, His intelligence, stories of great relevance even in today’s modern times.

In fact, in India, I cannot think of a religious festival which is celebrated with such fervor & gusto as is Ganesh Chaturthi. It is a festival which embodies true unity & instills tremendous calm & peace amongst millions of devotees amidst the wildly chaotic lives that are being led today. It is a common ritual to perform Ganesh pooja on the day of Ganesh chaturthi but worshiping Lord Ganesha is not just restricted to 1 or 11 days in a year. In Hindu tradition it is believed that worshiping Lord Ganesha has several benefits to individuals and families alike for the following reasons:

Worshipped for good fortune- Individuals & hindu families worldwide regard it as a good fortune to always pray or conduct a Ganapati pooja as they consider it very auspicious and a good omen that the work/business will start with great success.

Marriage, griha pravesh & every religious ceremony- Lord Ganesha is considered the most powerful & auspicious God and hence be it a wedding, poonal (thread ceremony), engagement, 50 th birthday, anniversary celebrations even buying a new house, every ceremony begins with a chant of Lord Ganesha’s mantras.

Long & peaceful life- Ganapathi homam/havan is dedicated to Lord Ganesha to improve family bondage, to win over enemies, to carry away disease, to reach the planned objectives. Ganapathi homam pooja is performed for getting happiness and good health in our life.

Obstacle remover- We all as human beings face some kind of obstacle or the other in our varied walks of life. Hence in our rich Hindu tradition, we often pray to the mighty Lord to shower us with his blessings and protect us from all evil and guide us to lead a happy & peaceful life

Today, a lot of families conduct Ganesha pooja as an event and hence acquire the services of experienced & and well trained pandits in mumbai  to conduct it in an auspicious manner which pleases the Lord & his devotees (i.e. the family). Food in the form of prasad is also cooked as Lord Ganesha is a great lover of food (especially modaks) and is served amongst all his devotees as a part of seva. Hence, in order to conduct pooja or any religious ceremony, it is always wise to hire professionals like us to help you enjoy the festivities and soak in the pleasure of being & feeling blessed.

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