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Significance of saree draping artistes : : Every woman has a dream! A dream to look like a princess on one of the most important days in her lifetime. She wants every eye, everyone to feel, comment & believe that on her wedding day, she is the most beautiful woman in this world! We at wedlistings acknowledge your feelings and hence we have listed the best bridal designers in India for you. The 9 yard saree, is a draped dress has undergone several changes over the years ranging from being a practical working attire to an elegant ceremonial gown, depending on the type of fabric used and the style of draping. Though many Indian people, both those living in India and those who live in other countries, have adopted Western dress, it is very common for Indian women to wear the sari for important ceremonies, such as weddings. There are many different styles of wrapping and draping the sari, and these vary according to gender, region, social class, ethnic background, and personal style. Sarees are one of the most graceful costumes of unstitched length of fabric draped round the body of Indian women. For this graceful decoration of female form, Indian Women, very often, consider a good looking saree more precious than even a piece of jewelry. A good looking and appropriate dress well worn is equivalent to having a very suave yet neat looking bridegroom dressed perfectly for a beautiful & momentous occasion like a marriage or an important family function. In today’s world of heavy rush & fight for time & money, a huge section of women prefer wearing western clothes to thereby save time & effort. Moreover, the younger generation prefer wearing more western clothes and preferably branded ones thereby not knowing how to drape a saree come an important family occasion. This has led to a need to have a traditional & professional saree draping artist who can help you look beautiful & dressed elegantly for an important occasion saving your time & effort. These saree draping artists, sometimes also help you wear the matching accessories in terms of jewelry thereby adding an elegant charm to your modern look. At Wedlistings, we understand the needs of the modern day woman and hence have empanelled professional saree draping artistes who have helped over a thousand women look beautiful at weddings or events varying different cultures & religion. Hence, it is always better to hire a professional wedding saree draping or makeup artist and Wedlistings offers you the best alternatives to choose from.

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