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In today’s times of glitz & glamour, besides being an important ritual, weddings are not less than a mega family event where everyone expects entertainment as well. Gone are the days where weddings were simple family affairs attended by a select group of people. Today, a normal wedding has an average guest list of atleast 500 to even 2000 people attending the event. Since weddings are a joyous family event, proceedings are being dominated by having several programs like sangeet, bachelor’s party before the wedding, dance program or skit being performed by the family members of both the bride & bridegroom as well. Since it is a rare, once in a life time event in one’s life, it has become increasingly important to have all the evnts choreographed by a thourough professional. Earlier, families would dance randomly copying steps seen on television at functions but now there is a need for a well choreographed dance performance, a professional choreographer, who has the right knowledge. One needs to hire professional choreographers who understand the bridal couple, their life, interests and tastes and accordingly craft the dance sequences around it. It should be a well choreographed sequence which is entertaining to the guests yet fit for the occasion without any vulgarity or uneasiness. People hire professionals well in advance so that they can perfect their moves. It is the best choice for non-dancers, people who do not have knowledge about any dance form. Hiring choreographers is a trend these days. People want to learn the basic techniques from professionals rather than just watching television or dance videos and copying. Choreography is deciding how dancers will move in a performance, and it requires one to be creative and also love it. One cannot boast of a great event without song & dance which form a major part of weddings across all cultures & religions across the globe. Hence choosing a good choreographer who can make people & most importantly you enjoy the dances and other moves keeping in mind the strengths & weaknesses of the people in terms of dance movements is very important. A well choreographed song or skit is one which is remembered for days or even months after the event as it showcases the ability of the choreographer to orchestrate such a beautiful event.

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