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Wedlistings is one stop solution for booking Pandit ji for Puja, Marriage and other ceremonies in Mumbai. It is not that easy to find a proficient Pandit Ji or Pujari in big cities. You may have an idea of the priest available by getting recommendations from friends, family and coworkers. However, you will eventually need to find a priest who performs the puja exactly the way you had experienced it in the place where you were born.

Performing puja is an important aspect of the Hindu culture, even though globalization may have transformed the view of some Indians when it comes to carrying out certain rituals like Marriage and Puja in family. However, most Indians want the powers of the gods to be present when they are holding certain important occasions in their lives or praying for a loved one.

It is not possible to perform pooja or traditional Indian marriage without the guidance of a person who is knowledgeable in the field. Besides performing the puja, all the preparations associated with these rituals require adequate assistance and guidance. In order perform various rituals, various resources and materials are also required.

Puja and vidhi are regarded to be sacred rituals. Therefore, you should speak to the Pandit ji / Guruji and confirm that the procedure that he follows is the same one you desire it to be or have experienced in the past.

This is an online pandit ji booking and wedding services portal which offers a list of Hindi,South, Marathi, Panjabi,Telugu, Gujarati speaking pandit for puja & weddings in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Other metropolitan cities in India. On this online platform, you can find & book your desired pandit for puja by browsing through the profiles of different pandits in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane. You will also get the opportunity to speak with the pandit ji and ask questions about the pooja and vidhi in advance before booking the bhatji.

At Wedlistings, we assist followers, devotees and believers of Hinduism to book a pandit online for their puja and marriage ceremonies. Pujas are commonly performed in homes and temples to mark certain events or festivals like Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi and Lakshmi Puja. Wedlistings can meet all your festivity and marriage needs. We believe in providing our clients with a wide range of services to select from to conduct their special occasions in the best way possible.


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