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Bridal jewellery & its significance in Indian weddings : : Traditionally, every Indian mother plans atleast 4-5 years before hand to have her daughter married and accordingly even plans on the kind of jewelry that should accompany the wedding dress to ensure she looks at her regal best on this grand day. Ornaments add elegance and glow to your overall look and hence is cherished by both the bride & bridegroom due to its sheer beauty & the value that it holds as well.  A few essential things to consider when choosing jewelry to go with your dress and even your bridal party or engagement are: style, color, budget and most importantly how it makes you feel. Wedding rings, like earlier days, for example are no longer traditional anymore as more & more couples are opting for designer jewelry or unique jewelry that shows off your style and flair and stands out easily amongst all the other accessories. Similarly, there are endless styles of dresses, and thus the neckline plays a huge part in deciding what type of jewelry will go well with it. Hence, the necklace becomes a very important ornament and generally bridegrooms opt for high end gold or diamond jewelry If one’s opting to wear a strapless wedding gown, your job is easy - anything goes well with it, whether it's a stand-out statement, or a simple pendant. However, if wider necklines are being opted for then pair it with statement V shaped necklaces to add to your beauty. If your wedding dress has thicker straps, a high neck or a narrow v-neck, you'll want to be careful with some statement necklaces - they can look cluttered and over-bearing. If that's the case, one should try a delicate pendant necklace or rock a pair of glamorous statement earrings! Although it's a special day, don't stray too far from your normal style. If you rarely wear jewels, there's no need to drown yourself in diamonds on your wedding day. The goal is to look like the best, most beautiful version of your regular self.  As seen from above, even though these things might look very basic guidelines to be followed for any bridegroom, such things are generally the last things on her mind due to the chaos that ensues a wedding ceremony. Hence, we at Wedlistings offer you a very professional & experienced makeup & jewelry experts who have helped over a thousand clients in dressing them up for the occasion and carrying appropriate jewelry to match with wedding attires. This will help you plan with our experts well before your D-day and save yourself the stress & help you look better on an important day in your life.

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