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Maruthi Vadhyar

Maruthi Vadhyar


  • We believe everybody should have the opportunity to have pure and authentic Poojas, homas,& samskaras ceremonies even living in the Western countries
  • We provide genuine rituals from the ancient scriptures for all Hindu families. The ceremonies are conducted in Sanskrit, and translated in English, and other Indian languages, making the tradition accessible and appealing to all, while re-igniting the flame of Vedic civilization
  • To achieve Knowledge, Wealth, Health and Peace, Vedas inform us to follow certain principles and perform certain Pujas
  • Experience of over 15 years in performing the following pooja, , vratams and samskaras depending on the occasion :
    • Marriages
    • Satya Narayana Vratam(Pooja)
    • Gruha Pravesham[House Warming]
    • Starting new office, business etc.
    • Home and Community Hindu Religious Services for all the occasions (from birth till death)


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