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Satyanarayan Pooja is a traditional puja performed at home. It is quite popular in the Hindu culture. The following is the story behind this puja:

The narrative:
The Satyanarayan katha is the most important part of the Satyanarayan puja. It is imperative for the participants to listen to the Katha or the narrative. It throws light on how this puja started, what are the benefits of doing this and the consequences one might face due to disrespecting the ritual. The narrative is mainly divided into 5 parts.

First part:
The first part discusses how this puja started. Suanaka Muni is listening to story narrated by Suta Maharishi. They are discussing the story while rishis are performing a thousand year yaja to help the humanity. Lord Narayan describes this procedure to Narada Muni.

Second part:
The benefits of the puja are listed in the second part. It begins with a poor Brahmin. Lord goes to him and consults him to start doing this puja. Once the Brahmin completes the puja successfully, he is able to solve the problems in his life and reach a blissful state. A woodcutter sees the Brahmin doing the puja gladly and enquires about it. He also benefits from this puja.

Third part:
The third chapter begins with a merchant who vows that he will perform the puja when he will have a child. When he gets a child, he delays the puja further saying he will perform it on his child’s marriage. He forgets to perform the puja on that day as well. This angers the Lord who then, puts the merchant in hardship. The merchant faces numerous losses in his business. He and his son-in-law are falsely accused of stealing and are put in jail by the king. The merchant’s wife performs the puja to get rid of the hardships. As a result of the puja, the merchant and his son-in-law are freed by the king.

Fourth part:
The fourth chapter starts right where the third chapter ended. The merchant meets a hermit while returning. The hermit was the Lord himself who asks the merchant about his boat, which was full of riches. The merchant lies to him and as a result, his wealth loses all its value. He asks for forgiveness and the riches return to their original state. When his wife and daughter come to know that he and his son-in-law have reached the dockyard they finish the puja. However, his daughter forgets to take the Prasad (offerings). This causes her husband, merchant’s son-in-law to sink into the sea. When she realizes her mistake, she takes the Prasad and her husband’s boat comes back.

Fifth part:
The focus changes in the last chapter where we see a king who does not take the offerings of the puja from some backwoodsmen. He also faces the wrath of the Lord. He realizes his mistake, takes the offerings and his life is improved.


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