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No ceremony is complete in India without the essence of enchanted mantras and auspicious vidhis. Be it Lakshmi puja on Diwali, Ganapathi sthapana ceremony on Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganesh visarjan, Griha Pravesh Puja on arrival at the new home, nakshatra shanti pooja for kundali dosh nivaran, or any other puja vidhi; you need a pandit to complete the ritual effectively. Vastu is an important aspect to consider when you enter a new home. It assures that every corner in the house is erected in accordance with the laws of vastu to empower the house with positivity and strengthening energy. In case there is something not in accordance with vastu it can attract negative energies thereby affecting the health and flow of wealth in the family. A priest can suggest remedies in the form of puja vidhis for correcting the gruha doshas. Griha Shanti Pooja is often conducted for vastu dosh nivaran. Similarly, marriage is an important occasion in which two souls get united as one by pledging to stay with each other for the rest of life. Pandit ji often enchant mantras and complete fera vidhi to let the bride and groom make specific commitments to each other of togetherness, lasting relationships, and respect and love for each other till death separates them. And this ties the couple together into a bonding relationship called marriage. In cities like Mumbai and Pune, looking for a Marathi or Brahmin priest is not easy. To help ease out your search, Wedlistings enlists some of the best pandits and priests in the city, whom you can easily book online. For online registration, you only have to visit our website, pick a pandit from the listing, and confirm your booking.