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Importance of flowers at Indian weddings : : Around the world across different cultures and different religions, there are numerous occasions where flowers are used. Weddings, engagements parties or be it any other gathering, flowers occupy a prime place to add to the decorum. Like most cultures around the world, Indian weddings are the only place where one can find beautiful and elaborate flower installations with rich meaning and deep significance using varied flowers. Weddings in fact are the best places where flowers are used in the most creative ways possible. They are used to showcase symbolism and tradition during the varied ceremonies involved. People often choose specific flower types and colours to cement mystic ritual and promote deity blessings on the newly married couple. Starting from the decoration of the wedding cars, flowers are the only thing that will meet the purpose in the most wonderful way. Flower garlands are also the most crucial part of Hindu wedding functions. In almost all religions, different types and colours of flowers are required to decorate the bride and groom. They are also used for decorating the wedding hall.One of the most commonly overlooked features of wedding flowers is their fragrance. While flowers are most noted for their beauty, you can instantly lift a dull ceremony/reception venue with some added freshness. During the Jaimala or Var Mala ceremony, the bride and groom adorn each other with garlands in likeness to a ring exchange. This highly regarded act is the anchor to the union is one of the first outward expressions of love between the girl and boy. Additionally, while a Rangoli is used in many different Indian celebrations, its importance during a wedding is tied to the gathering of girls, women and often boys to create this beautiful floral carpet placed right at the entrance of any wedding hall. The rich colour attributes virtues such as good luck and the bond between families and generations. Marigold orange, red and bright yellow flowers are used to represent the vibrancy of life and the wedding function which adds to liveliness of the occasion. The centrepiece of the Indian wedding is the Mandap, a four pillared ornamented altar where the marriage is officiated. The motif is draped in fabric, flowers and jasmine for fragrance and beauty. As red is the holy colour in India, the Mandap is often decorated with red roses as red exemplifies purity, protection and bravery in the culture. At Wedlistings, we have specifically enlisted professional and experienced wedding decorators & flower vendors who have been trusted by several people for their important events and have delivered excellent service at very reasonable prices.

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